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Color Psychology

Image by Robert Katzki

- The consultations will be conducted through online sessions -


Explore Colors

  • 1 initial session (60min) to define the counseling objectives.

  • Personalized color analysis to reveal how colors influence emotions and well-being.

  • Guidance on harmonizing colors in wardrobe and personal spaces.


Color Mindfulness

  • 1 initial session (60min) to identify how colors can influence your mood and interpersonal relationships.

  • 5 counselling sessions ( 45min each) to delve into the significance of colors in your life and work on their inner harmony.

  • Color-based mindfulness practices and meditations to foster inner calm and balance.

  • Guidance on harmonizing colors in wardrobe and personal spaces.

  • 2 follow-up sessions (30min each) to monitor progress and make any necessary adjustments.


Color Boost

  • 1 initial session (60min) to understand the relationship between colors and your personality.

  • 3 counseling session (45min each) to explore how the strategically incorporate colors into daily life.

  • Counseling on using color to boost self-confidence and enhance overall wee-being.

  • Tips for choosing appropriate colors for specific occasions and desired purpose.


Follow these steps to begin:

  • Once you have identified the path that suits you best, click '' Book It Now''.

  • In the message, specify which option: 1,2 or 3 you would like to choose.

  • Leave me your WhatsApp or telegram number.

  • After receiving you message, we'll arrange a first 15min call to get to know each other and address any questions you may have before starting.

Don't know which path is best suited for your needs? Click on ''BOOK NOW'' and write the keyword ''BeYou'' in the subject of the email. This way, you can schedule a free 20-minute session where I'll guide you towards the path most suitable for you.
I am so happy to embark on this journey with you
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