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Psicología del color

Image by Robert Katzki

- Las consultas se llevarán a cabo a través de sesiones en línea-


Explore Colors

  • 1 sesión inicial ( 60min) para definir los objetivos de la consulta.

  • Análisis detallado de 4 colores para revelar cómo afectan tus emociones y bienestar.

  • Guía para armonizar los colores en el guardarropa y los espacios personales.


Color Mindfulness

  • 1 initial session (60min) to identify how colors can influence your mood and interpersonal relationships.

  • 5 counselling sessions ( 45min each) to delve into the significance of colors in your life and work on their inner harmony.

  • Color-based mindfulness practices and meditations to foster inner calm and balance.

  • Guidance on harmonizing colors in wardrobe and personal spaces.

  • 2 follow-up sessions (30min each) to monitor progress and make any necessary adjustments.


Color Boost

  • 1 initial session (60min) to understand the relationship between colors and your personality.

  • 3 counseling session (45min each) to explore how the strategically incorporate colors into daily life.

  • Counseling on using color to boost self-confidence and enhance overall wee-being.

  • Tips for choosing appropriate colors for specific occasions and desired purpose.

Cómo reservar

Sigue estos pasos para empezar 

  • Once you have identified the path that suits you best, click '' Book It Now''.

  • In the message, specify which option: 1,2 or 3 you would like to choose.

  • Leave me your WhatsApp or telegram number.

  • After receiving you message, we'll arrange a first 15min call to get to know each other and address any questions you may have before starting.

Meditaciòn, banos sonoros, lectura de cartas; todo lo que amo!!!! Gracias por crear algo tan profundo. Estoy agradecida de haberte conocido. :) 

Martina S.

Estoy tan feliz de embarcar en este viaje contigo
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