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I am over the Moon to introduce you: "Mind to Heart," a unique experience that will take you on a journey of self-discovery using 3 decks of cards created by me, accompanied by the sound of an alchemical crystal bell and a guided meditation where we will connect with our hearts.

During this inner journey, we will dive deep, exploring together which colors, symbols, and words are essential in your life today.

The combination of the cards, the meditation, and the soothing sound of the crystal bell will create a magical atmosphere and help you connect with yourself on a profound level.

After the reading, you will receive a personalized PDF with practical advice that you can incorporate into your everyday life.


"Mind to Heart" is an opportunity to deepen your


I look forward to accompanying you on this wonderful journey of self-exploration and sharing with you the gift of colors, symbols, and words that will bring positivity and well-being into your daily life.

Contact me to book your "Find Your Color" consultation and embark on your journey towards greater awareness and authenticity.

Price: 35euro

Desidero esprimere la mia più grande gratitudine per questo meraviglioso percorso che abbiamo condiviso. Trovo difficile trovare le parole giuste per descrivere un'esperienza cosi bella; è qualcosa che va semplicemente vissuta!! A chiunque stia leggendo, vi consiglio vivamente di intraprendere questo viaggio. Non ve ne pentirete! grazieee

Martina  B.

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