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Updated: Jul 25, 2023


Ciao :),

Today I want to tell you about my wonderful journey to India in 2018. I spent a whole month in the country, exploring different cities, meeting talented artisans, and immersing myself completely in the beauty of their colors and cultures.

During my trip, I had the opportunity to visit enchanting places like Jaipur, New Delhi, Chennai, Kerala and Pondicherry. I wandered through lively markets and narrow alleys, where I met extraordinary artisans creating masterpieces of fabrics and artworks. Their creations were a kaleidoscope of colors, from vibrant shades of red and orange to soothing tones of blue and green. I felt enveloped in an explosion of colors, an experience that nourished my spirit and heart.

During my journey, I was fortunate to be present during the "Holy Festival," or Holi, as it is locally called. It is one of the most joyful and colorful festivals in India. During Holi, the streets are filled with people throwing colored powders and water at each other, in a burst of joy and celebration. This festival symbolizes the beginning of spring and the victory of good over evil. Being part of this celebration filled me with energy and added an extra touch to the indelible memories of my trip.

After this unique experience, something changed inside me. I realized how much the colors and fabrics I encountered during my journey had left a lasting impression on my soul. The depth and variety of colors taught me to see the world with different eyes. I was no longer able to wear black garments as I used to. I felt irresistibly drawn to more vivid colors, each shade had a meaning and a story to tell.

From that moment on, my wardrobe transformed into a palette of colors, reflecting my new vivacious and playful spirit. Colors became a part of me, a form of expression of my mood and personality.

But India was also a source of inspiration for my creative passion. During the trip, I had the opportunity to meet local artisans and admire their artworks. Their mastery in creating beautiful fabrics and clothing deeply inspired me. I decided to create a collection inspired by the beauty and vibrancy of India, carrying with me the colors and emotions I had experienced during my journey.

In my collection, I aimed to capture the essence of India, using natural fabrics and bold colors. I chose fabrics directly from India to bring with me a part of that wonderful land. Each piece of my collection tells a story, a story of colors, culture, and inspiration.

India left an indelible mark on my life, transforming the way I see colors and the world around me. Every day is a new canvas on which to paint my personality, through the kaleidoscopic palette of colors I encountered in that distant and beloved land.

I hope this small part of my journey to India has inspired you and made you reflect on the power of colors, culture, and how they can influence our creativity and way of living. I invite you to explore your own chromatic world and wear colors with joy and awareness. Happy journey to discover the colors of life! 🌈

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