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A Surprising Discovery and Profound Connection.

Ciao :),

Today, I want to share with you an incredible experience that has profoundly changed my approach to life and music. My journey into the magical world of alchemical crystal bells has been a moment of pure wonder and deep connection with myself and the universe.

It all began in January 2023, before my departure to Guatemala, when I had the opportunity to participate in a sound art course created by the sweet and beautiful Eleonora Sorgenti. From the very first moment I held a crystal bell in my hands, I felt a special vibration resonating within me.

These alchemical crystal bells emit pure and crystalline sounds, a melody that seems to come directly from the heart of the universe. Their harmony and purity immediately wrapped me in an atmosphere of serenity and connection with something greater than myself.

During the course, Eleonora guided me into the wonderful world of crystal bells, teaching me techniques to play them with intention and awareness. I discovered that each bell has a unique frequency, and its sound can influence our emotions and well-being.

I experienced moments of deep meditation and relaxation as the crystal bells chimed around me. Their sound embraced me like a warm hug, alleviating the stress and tensions accumulated within.

But there was an even more surprising discovery during this course. I learned to play the crystal bells with my heart, allowing myself to be guided by intuition and spontaneity. I realized that music doesn't have to be just a sequence of predetermined notes; it can be an authentic expression of our deepest self.

In those crystal bells, I found a means to express my emotions, to let my being flow without judgment or limits. I discovered that music can be a vehicle to convey love, joy, and gratitude to the entire world.

Since then, alchemical crystal bells have become an essential part of my life.

I gifted myself a crystal bell. As soon as I held it in my hands, I immediately felt a profound connection with it: its details, its sound, and its color embraced me like a warm hug. It was as if we had known each other forever.

I play it regularly to meditate, to relax, and to enter a state of harmony with myself and the universe. It is teaching me to live in the present moment, to be more aware, and to be guided by intuition.

This crystal bell has become a precious talisman for me, a symbol of connection with myself and the vibrations of the universe. I play it with love and gratitude, knowing that it has already carried so many stories and now is part of my personal journey.

My connection with the bell deepened even more when I started using it in my 'Mind to Heart' journey. Through its sound, I guide people into a deep connection with their hearts, inviting them to relax physically and mentally.

Every time I play it, I feel like I'm transmitting a message of peace and serenity to anyone listening. It's a magical experience, a journey into the intimacy of one's being and the discovery of the most authentic emotions.

My traveling crystal bell has become a symbol of freedom and openness to the unknown. It reminds me that the journey is as much within as it is without, and I can embrace every new adventure life offers with joy.

If one day you encounter an alchemical crystal bell, I invite you to pay attention to its magic. It could be a surprising discovery and a gateway to a deep connection with yourself and the universe.

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