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Decluttering Clothes

Organize - Renewal - Simplify

A transformative process that will help you let go of the unnecessary and create a wardrobe that reflects your authenticity and lifestyle.


How does it work?

Decluttering clothes is a crucial step in bringing order and harmony into your life. By removing clothes that no longer represent you, you'll make space for new choices that align with who you are today and your style goals.

My online consultation will guide you through this process, offering personalized support and advice. Together, we will assess each garment, taking into account your style, personality and needs. You will learn to make conscious choices and create versatile combinations that best express your essence.


The online consultation allows you to embark on this transformational journey from the comfort of your own home, with flexible scheduling and no geographical limitations. I'll be by your side, providing the necessary support to create a wardrobe makes you feel confident, secure and authentic.

Image by Sarah Brown

Key points:

  • Initial call (30min): We begin with a introductory call to get to know each other and understand your specific needs and requirements.

  • Assessment: Evaluate your wardrobe to determinate fit, condition and relevance.

  • Sorting & Categorization: Categorize items into keep, donate or sell groups.

  • Decluttering strategy: Develop a personalized plan considering seasonal needs and versatile outfits.

  • Decision-Making Support: Receive guidance on what to keep, let go of and responsibly dispose of.

  • Organization and Storage Solutions: Explore practical techniques to optimize storage and maintain an organized wardrobe.

  • Styling and Coordination: Get styling tips to create outfits from your curated collection.

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