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Style - Soul - Connection

Holistic Fashion Psichology 

How does it work?

During our journey, we will focus on you, exploring how fashion, colors and psychology intertwine to create a significant impact on your life. I will wholeheartedly commit to deepening your understanding, embracing your deepest experiences and listening to every nuance of your desires, dreams and goals. I will be here for you, ready to create a safe and authentic space where you can fully open up. 

Together, we will discover how colors and style can influence how you feel and how others perceive you. Trough deep connections and precise questions, we will uncover the colors, shapes and patterns that resonate within you, the ones that ignite your inner light and reflect your most authentic self. 

The Holistic fashion psychology consultation goes beyond just choosing clothes. We will explore the link between your personality, emotions and worldview. We will create a unique style that allows you to truly communicate who you are. It will be a journey of personal growth and self discovery, where you will be guided in understanding yourself.

I am here to accompany you on this path of awareness and beauty, to help you uncover your true potential. #LoveYourself #NourishYourself

This consultation will also allow you to deepen the relationship you have with your body. Do you love it? Do you hate it?

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